I’m Caio Manzotti, a 30 years old UX Designer born in Brazil and currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



I’m Caio Manzotti, a UX Designer based in Amsterdam.

I started my UX career in 2010 as a consultant, where I went from junior user experience designer to lead in four years. Designing B2B and B2C solutions for banks, healthcare, and the supply chain industry. At the end of 2014, following the expansion of the Startup scene in Brazil, I joined ContaAzul. The first Brazilian startup invested by 500 Startups. Where I got introduced to agile, facilitation methods, and the challenges of a fast-growing SaaS product.

When I decided to focus on UX for Mobile devices, I was lucky to get an opportunity at Motorola. And for the first time, I had a chance to design for millions of users and deal with the challenges of being a member of a global design team. Being in an English spoken company made me confident to pursue a challenge outside Brazil. I'm now living in Amsterdam, where I'm helping FindHotel revamp their UX strategy.

Tools evolution and experience


Design tools are the key to help a team maximize their efficiency, and allow designers have time to focus on what matters.