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Moto Display is a quick way to get basic information regarding time and battery, it also makes easy to interact with your notifications.



Product type: Android App
Year: 2016, 2017


3.8 score from 17,370 total reviewers on Google Play Store
10,000,000+ users

Moto is the hub for Motorola experiences that are embedded in phones such as Moto Actions, Moto Voice, and Moto Display. As the UX Lead of for the app, I was responsible for not only maintain and improve the current features. But also to promote the integration across the teams that provide features for the app.

The redesign of it was one of the biggest challenges I faced at Motorola since it required a lot of organization and planning to handle design teams across three different time zones, in order to have a consistent synced update.

 Some of the numerous versions designed and tested with customers.

Some of the numerous versions designed and tested with customers.

A series of methods were used to identify the most relevant orders and arrangement of the features. And by doing this we also identified opportunities for icon improvements.

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After a series of card sorting, user testing sessions, and design reviews. We were able to come up with a version robust enough to attend all the needs. The feature was launched with the 2017 line of products making the feature discovery easier with the new navigation and ways to explore the benefits, what lead to an increase in activations and usage.

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