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Moto Display

Moto Display is a quick way to get basic information regarding time and battery, it also makes easy to interact with your notifications.


Moto Display

Product type: Android App
Year: 2016, 2017

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4.2 score from  14,212 reviewers on Google Play Store
10,000,000+ users

Moto Display allow users to know what's happening on their phones in a glimpse. With simple gestures, they can check their battery, check notifications and even control their media, without having to unlock the phone.

The Moto Display 2017 Redesign

The Problem

The project was part of the 2017 design language update for Motorola products. The revamp proposal as not only visual, it was also a chance to improve the most used interactions. This was now possible because the app is gesture-based, and with the improvements on the new displays and sensors, a new world was available to be explored. 


Redesign such an iconic app also required a constant alignment with the development team since it is a step before Android's lock screen. The black screen is also intentional to save battery, so you can check all your notifications in a glimpse and quickly evaluate if it's something that requires attention.

 Some of the numerous versions designed and tested with customers.

Some of the numerous versions designed and tested with customers.

The Impact

Moto Display went rated 4.0 to 4.1 stars on Google Play. And preliminary surveys demonstrated the potential to achieve an even higher rate. We were also able to notice an increase in the number of positive comments from users:

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Moto Display: Quick Reply

The Problem

With the introduction of Android N, users were now allowed to answer messages direct trough notifications. We saw on it an opportunity to make it even easier on our devices.


The Impact

Moto Display shows a summary of your notifications and allows you decide between dismissing, open or visualize it. To enable users to be able to send a message through it, we had to build a complete feature for a chat interaction. After launch, Quick Reply became one of the most used features of the app, allowing users to answer with a quick swipe up gesture. Some reviews captured from Google Play:

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On the Media

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..."The Moto Display feature has been improved with the ability to take actions on notifications without unlocking the phone. I can even reply to a message with text or my voice."...

Review - Android Central.png

It's amazing how, despite improvements in always-on display technology from Samsung, LG, and even Google, nothing can touch what Motorola continues to do here.

Android Central (Jun 29, 2017)